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Soil and Sediment Packages

Soils and sediment samples are dried and then screened to remove larger particles, rocks or vegetative matter. The oversized portion (the + fraction) will be saved, and the undersized portion (the – fraction) will be analyzed. Samples are screened to 80mesh unless otherwise requested.

This method is based on samples up to 1kg or less. A surcharge will apply for samples in excess of 1kg. Excessively wet samples will require extra drying time and will result in a drying surcharge.


Description Price Package Code
Dry, Screen to 80 mesh, save plus fraction By Quotation PRP-757
Surcharge per kg for samples >1kg By Quotation PSC-100
Extra drying for excessively wet samples By Quotation DRI-100
Screening-Client specifications By Quotation PSC-999