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Extractive metallurgy is the science of separating target minerals and metals from ore material, and is a key component to determining the feasibility of any mining project. Metallurgical testing can determine how responsive an ore is to a variety of mineral beneficiation techniques, which can then be used to determine recoveries, grades, cost of production, and environmental impact.

Met-Solve Laboratories Inc. is an extractive metallurgical testing facility founded in 2007. Since our founding, Met-Solve has worked with mining projects of all sizes and at all stages of production, from early-stage geological assessments to metallurgical audits of existing plants.The depth and diversity of experience within the Met-Solve team has enabled the laboratory to develop numerous customized flowsheets for clients with unique projects.


Met-Solve Laboratories’ testing capabilities include:

Gravity concentration, including:

  • Centrifugal gravity concentration
  • High-mass yield continuous gravity concentration
  • Ultrafine gravity concentration
  • Gravity table testing

Sample preparation, including:

  • Crushing
  • Pulverization
  • Screening
  • Particle size analysis 

Dense media separation, including:

  • Bench-scale and pilot-scale options
  • Heavy liquid, ferrosilicon-based media or magnetitebased media options

Mathematical modelling of full-size production circuits based on laboratory testing

Hydrometallurgy, including:

  • A variety of cyanide leach testing, including kinetic, simple, and column leaches
  • Acid and alkaline leach testing
  • Ion exchange
  • Electrowinning

Pilot-scale rotary scrubber testing, used for deposits with clay agglomerates

Froth flotation

Gravity Recoverable Gold (GRG)

For geological sampling, the “nugget effect” is notorious for resulting in unreliable precious metals assay results. There are several methods for reducing the nugget effect and increasing the accuracy of analytical testing. Centrifugal gravity concentration is a simple and effective method of determining an accurate grade for an ore by recovering the gold that would typically cause a nugget effect into a small sample that can then be fire assayedto extinction.

Bulk Leach Extractable Gold (BLEG) tests use cyanide to extract gold into solution. These procedures can be applied to geological samples in which fine gold may be present, or in which gold may be heterogeneously distributed. Advanced BLEG tests use multiple sampling periods as well as assay the residue to better understand the leachability of an ore.

Please contact Met-Solve to discuss potential mineral processing options for your unique project.

Description Detection Range Price Method Code
Cyanide leach and AAS finish
500g-1kg sample size
0.01ppm-200ppm   AU-CN01
Advanced BLEG
2hr, 6hr, 24hr sampling of cyanide liquor
with AAS finish
Fire Assay of residue before leaching and
after 24hrs
0.01ppm-200ppm   AU-CN02
Metallurgical BLEG
Multiple sampling periods to determine leach kinetics.
Detailed metallurgical balance including head and leach
residue assays.

Additional options include:
  • Examination of the effect of additional reagents.
  • Modification of test parameters such as oxygen levels,
    temperature and
    particle size.
  • In conjunction with other mineral beneficiation processes.
  By Quotation AU-CN03


Multi-Element Packages in Metallurgical Samples
Multi-Element by Aqua Regia, ICP-AES (33 elements) Ore Grade

Detection Ranges (in ppm unless otherwise noted) Price Method Code
Ag 1-200 Fe 0.05%-50% Pb 10-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Al 0.05%-50% Ga 50-50,000 S 0.05%-10% By Quotation MET-420
As 10-100,000 Hg 5-50,000 Sb 10-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Ba 50-50,000 K 0.05%-50% Sc 5-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Be 5-500 La 50-50,000 Sr 5-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Bi 10-50,000 Mg 0.05%-50% Ti 0.05%-50% By Quotation MET-420
Ca 0.05%-50% Mn 25-50,000 Tl 50-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Cd 5-2,500 Mo 5-50,000 V 5-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Co 5-50,000 Na 0.05%-50% W 50-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Cr 5-50,000 Ni 5-50,000 Zn 10-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Cu 5-50,000 P 50-50,000 Zr 20-20,000 By Quotation MET-420

Multi-Element 4-Acid, ICP-AES (29 elements) Ore Grade

Detection Ranges (in ppm unless otherwise noted) Price Method Code
Ag 1-200 Cu 10-100,000 Pb 20-100,000 By Quotation MET-420
Al 0.05%-30% Fe 0.05%-50% S 0.05%-10% By Quotation MET-420
As 50-100,000 K 0.1%-30% Sb 50-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Ba 50-50,000 La 50-50,000 Sr 10-100,000 By Quotation MET-420
Be 10-10,000 Mg 0.05%-50% Ti 0.05%-30%  By Quotation MET-420
Bi 20-50,000 Mn 10-100,000 Tl 50-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Ca 0.05%-50% Mo 10-50,000 V 10-100,000 By Quotation MET-420
Cd 10-10,000 Na 0.05%-30% W 50-50,000 By Quotation MET-420
Co 10-50,000 Ni 10-100,000 Zn 20-100,000 By Quotation MET-420
Cr 10-100,000 P 50-100,000 By Quotation MET-420