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MS Analytical Services provides a large scope of techniques for precious metal analysis. Selection of the best methodology for accurate determination of precious metal content is dependent on the sample matrix, distribution, grain size and the intent of the analysis. Our experienced chemists are available to help you select the most appropriate technique.


Description Detection Range Fusion Size Price Method Code
Trace Level        
Gold – Fire Assay and AAS finish  0.005ppm – 10ppm 30g   FAS-111
    50g   FAS-121
Gold – Fire Assay and ICP-AES finish 0.002ppm – 10ppm 30g   FAS-114
    50g   FAS-124
Ore Grade        
Gold – Fire Assay and AAS finish 0.01ppm – 100ppm 30g    FAS-211
    50g    FAS-221
Gold – Fire Assay ICP-AES finish 0.03ppm-100ppm 30g    FAS-214
    50g    FAS-224
Gold-Fire Assay and Gravimetric finish 0.05ppm – 1000ppm 30g    FAS-415
    50g    FAS-425



CN Leach

Cyanide Leach tests are used to determine the potential efficiency of cyanide extraction for gold. 500g-1kg samples are treated with a cyanide solution, and then the amount of gold leached into the resulting solution is read by AAS.

Description Detection Range  Price Method Code
Gold-Cyanide leach and AAS finish
500g-1kg sample size
0.01ppm-200ppm   AU-CN01