Dense Media Separation (DMS)

Dense Media Separation (DMS) is becoming an increasingly popular method of mineral beneficiation that utilizes a dense medium to separate minerals based on specific gravity (SG). DMS is typically used in a pre-concentration duty prior to processing or milling to reject barren material and reduce downstream CAPEX and OPEX costs. Clients who aim to reduce plant costs can benefit greatly from a DMS plant in their operation. 

Met-Solve offers both pilot-scale DMS testing and bench-scale heavy liquid testing to provide a wide range of custom solutions for our clients. Our bench-scale program allows for testing of particles as small as 1 mm, with a medium SG up to 3.0 using a safe heavy liquid solution. Bench-scale testing is a quick method to determine ideal SG separation points for a given ore prior to pilot-scale testing.

Once the SG separation points are determined, the Met-Solve DMS pilot plant program is ideal for bulk testing and simulation of the actual production recoveries and grades for a project. Met-Solve operates a modified Sepro Condor Dense Medium Separator that has the ability to separate based on SG values of 2.0 to 3.5. The Condor DMS can use either a ferrosilicon-based medium for higher density mineral separation, or a magnetite-based medium for coal applications.

Met-Solve DMS pilot plant program