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MS Analytical has experience with determination of Carbon and Sulfur content.

Total Carbon and Total Sulfur are analyzed directly by induction using a LECO analyzer. All Carbon and Sulfur methods are available as packages or individually.

Description Detection Range Price Method Code
Total Carbon 0.01%-50%   SPM-110
Total Inorganic Carbon – measured as the
difference between Total and HCl leached Carbon
0.02%-50%   SPM-120
Total Organic Carbon – measured as the
difference between Total and ashed Carbon content
0.02%-50%   SPM-130
Graphite Carbon – ashed, leached, residue
measured by induction
0.02%-50%   SPM-140
Total Carbon + Total Sulfur C: 0.01%-50%  | S: 0.01%-50%   SPM-512
Total Sulfur 0.01%- 20%   SPM-210
Overlimit – Sulfur (if over-range from SPM-210) >20%   SPM-215
Sulfide-Sulfur by carbonate leach & ICP-OES 0.01%-50%   SPM-220
Sulfide-Sulfur by carbonate leach & ICP-OES 0.01%-40%   SPM-230